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Our Shop is Live!

As upland trainers and breeders, the core of our business is training amazing dogs and helping families build memories with their next companion. We are also on a mission to learn from, and enhance, the sport of upland hunting. Part of that mission is finding products that enables others to enhance their training and hunts, as well as pushing the boundaries. As a part of our journey, we are starting to put together Our Shop.

Why have Our Shop?

The goal for Our Shop is to connect you with products that support our mission. We are early stages, but that is intentional. We plan to evolve this and would love your recommendations for brands and products you can't live without. While we have had our own moments with sore feet, being wet in the fields, and feeling the cold on those winter days, we will never have as much info as all of our Whisky River Gun Dogs community. Send us your experiences! We would love to feature them here on our site.

What should I expect?

If you are looking at our page, you are going to find a list of products we have run through the courses over trials and training sessions.

Items we promote, after using through trials and training sessions.

If you click on any of the items, it will pop up a description of the item and why we love it. You will also find a link at the bottom that will take you to Amazon. This link is an affiliate link, which generates a commission if you buy the item. While we appreciate the support, we understand if you don't feel comfortable choosing this route.

Like we mentioned before, our goal is to get great products in front of you to enhance your training and hunting experience. We believe in what we are putting on the site.

This also means we are here to answer any questions you have on the products. We wouldn't expect you to buy it if we couldn't be a resource to you in helping you make your decision. If you are looking to learn a little more detail, are comparing products, or are on the fence, send us an email. We would be happy to help in any way we can.

What is the long term goal?

Affiliate links aren't the goal. The goal is getting you access to great products. Right now, this solution gets you access to Amazon's amazing access to sellers all over the world, with the potential of two day shipping. We can't beat that. But, we would love to be able to deliver that to you right from our site in the future. We aren't there yet, so baby steps. If we can see some success starting small, it will be great motivation to move onto an integrated solution. We would also love to bring you unique offerings from Whisky River Gun Dogs. Whether it is a new product looking for a sponsor, or a product that doesn't exist yet to fill a gap you see, tell us about it! We would love to see what potential exists.

How can you help?

As we have mentioned, we would love to hear from you on products you are seeing and using. While we do our best, the power of a community is truly amazing. Send us a note of a product you loved, hated, or just heard of. If you know someone looking to get the word out on a new development, let us know.

This was a longer post, but we appreciate you sticking through it. We felt it was important to explain our purpose and longer term vision. This is still very much a work in progress and would love your continued feedback on how we are serving you.

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