Here at Whisky River, we are firm believers that it all starts with basic obedience. It’s the foundation of which you will develop the rest of your dog’s training. Without it, you will never have that polished finished dog. Our training is tailored and designed for each individual dog and their handler. We believe that each dog is unique and may require different training techniques to get the best results.

The power of positive reinforcement in the form of verbal praise, or positive physical contact, is all a dog needs for rewarding of a job well done. We do use negative reinforcement when a dog knows it’s’ job and chooses not to, but this is no more than a verbal word or moving the dog back to its original spot. We rarely us a shock collar, only if the dog is used to it prior to coming or we have a difficult situation that requires it.


Dogs are trained each day and many times twice a daily. In addition, each dog is exercised 2-3 times daily. Private training sessions are $50 an hour and group training sessions are free, though there is a fee for birds used during training. Owners/handlers are always welcome and encouraged to attend training sessions. At the completion of each dogs training we train the owner/handler on the correct handling and training techniques.  Call for pricing.

Puppy training

1 month obedience

3 month gundog training

6 month field trial training

Private training sessions

Group Training Sessions

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