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Whisky River Gun Dogs is family business that offers a fun and welcoming atmosphere for the whole family. We offer obedience training for all dogs, but specializes in training flushing and retrieving dogs for upland hunting, hunt tests and AKC field trials. We also offer boarding in our heated indoor/outdoor kennel runs with airing yards.

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We treat each dog at Whisky River Gun Dogs as a unique individual and develop the dogs training to fit the dog and maximize it’s potential. Our training is based on positive reinforcement. We will use treats, verbal praise and physical attention to reward a job well done. We strongly feel that a dog that is happy and comfortable will be more productive. We want the dogs to learn but truly enjoy the experience. Dog food and training birds are included in the training expenses.

Services: Training



Boarding in our heated kennel building features indoor/outdoor runs and airing yards to make your dogs visit as enjoyable as possible. We feed twice daily and will happily feed either your food or we feed Eukanuba.

Services: Boarding

Group Training

$20/session + birds

Group in training is where we help train you to handle your dog. Please be aware we ALL work to train everyones dog (gunners, fake judge etc) and there is an expectation that you will participate and learn with more than your own dog.

Please call or email for the latest updates on training days, as they are subject to change.

Services: Drop-In Training

Phone Tips

Variable Pricing

We realize the impact that Covid 19 has had on all of our lives, in big ways and small. We want to make sure you don't feel you need to compromise on giving you and your dog the support they need. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help through regular phone sessions on training tips and tricks.

Services: Phone Tips


Variable Pricing

Whisky River Gun Dogs may welp 2-4 litters of English Springer Spaniel puppies a year that are field trial quality. We breed for trainability, where the dog turns it on in the field and while also being a great companion in the house. Read more on our current litters and submit your interest for upcoming ones!

Services: Litters

Stud Dogs

Variable Pricing

Whisky River Gun Dogs currently has a few great stud males, one of which recently placed at the 2020 National Open Championship. Each offers great temperament while knowing how to turn it on in the field. They have some unique qualities, making each hunt exciting. You can read more on each of their personalities. Give us a call or email if you are interested using one of them!

Services: Stud Dogs
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