Reba and Booker Puppies Available

We only have three male puppies looking for homes. If you are interested in the litter, submit your interest soon.

You can read more on the litter and wait list policy here. Submit your interest in the litter today, and subscribe for future updates.


Tulip Litter

The FC Whisky Rivers Tulip "Toot" and FC Goshens Down to the River "Dunkin" litter have all went home. Sign up for our mailing list to receive future updates!

Reba Litter

There are still puppies looking for homes from the Reba and Booker litter. They are ready to go home by 7/17. Send us your interest today!


Cisco Litter

The Whisky Rivers Cisco Kid "Cisco" and "Chumly" litter pups have been accounted for. Sign up for our mailing list to receive future updates!

Our Services



We offer obedience training for all dogs, but specializes in training flushing and retrieving dogs for upland hunting, hunt tests and AKC field trials.


We attend English Springer Spaniel field trials across the midwest and typically also attends the Springer National. Starting in 2020 we will also start attending select English Cocker Spaniel field trials.


Boarding in our heated kennel building features indoor/outdoor runs and airing yards to make your dogs visit as enjoyable as possible.


Whisky River Gun Dogs may also welp 2-4 litters of English Springer Spaniel puppies a year that are field trial quality. We breed for trainability, where the dog turns it on in the field and while also being a great companion in the house.

I wasn’t making any progress with Joey and concluded I needed help with his training. I asked the breeder for his thoughts and he recommended Todd, stating he also uses Todd. In two months Todd had turned Joey into a reliable retriever and a real birdie pup. Todd understandings dog behavior and knows how to get into their heads. And he does so gently so they want to do what he commands. If I need more help I will definitely go back to him. I recommend Todd highly.

Bruce Engel